Break Free From Your Limiting Beliefs and
Create The Life You Want

A new guided journal to help you transform your mindset.

Do you say things to yourself that you would NEVER say to another person?

Do you feel like you can't stop your negative, unhelpful thoughts from taking over? Here's the good news.

Science shows you CAN change your old patterns of thinking and stop feeling trapped, stuck, and unmotivated. 

By making small, incremental changes to your mindset, you CAN break the generational cycle of limiting beliefs, find peace, and start feeling whole.

Introducing the long-awaited
*NEW* Big Life Journal for adults

A journal to help you manage your self-sabotaging inner voice
and start living fully and joyfully.

This motivational, gender-neutral journal is packed with short, practical lessons and easy, thoughtful writing prompts that will help you transform your mindset.

Ages 18-99

This journal is for you if you...

feel trapped in constant cycles of negative thoughts

self-sabotage your efforts and ask yourself 'who am I to do this?'

put yourself down and don't follow through with your goals

experience feelings of regret and hopelessness

feel stuck or unmotivated to pursue your dreams

"A lot of positive, motivating, supporting, encouraging messages like I never received during my childhood and growing up into an adult."

Jane Loo

This inner work will help you avoid passing
 your "issues" to your children.

We can give all the tools in the world to our kids but if we have lots of insecurities and struggle with our own self-worth, we can't help our children.

In fact, our children adopt our negative thought patterns and that's how the harmful generational cycles continue.

You improving your mindset and overcoming your old negative beliefs will become the primary support for your child's self-worth and successful future.

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Ages 18-99

Break the negative cycles of your habitual thinking to finally feel free and at peace.


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Break Free From Your Limiting Beliefs and
Create The Life You Want

Introducing the long-awaited
*NEW* Big Life Journal for adults

© Copyright 2022 

Big Life Journal 

All Rights Reserved

Transform Your Mindset AND Achieve Your Goals

Big Life Journal will help you break free from mental overwhelm, start experiencing daily joy, and feel more at peace.

The Goal-Setting Kit is digital and it will be emailed to you.

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