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Big Life Journal - Daily Edition

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A science-based journal to help your child focus on encouraging, self-loving thoughts and wire their brain for growth mindset, resilience, confidence, gratitude, kindness, and self-love.

This journal will help your child:

Process their big emotions in a healthy way.

Grow their confidence and self-esteem.

Process the ups and downs of their day.

Develop a more positive and grateful outlook.

Be more kind to themselves and others. 

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Big Life Journal resources are trusted

by millions of parents and teachers worldwide!

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Brighten up your classroom or home with these inspiring Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset posters (PDF) that show the importance of trying hard and loving to learn.

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Trusted by over 1 million parents worldwide

Big Life Journal for Kids

Plus FREE Conversation Cards

2115 reviews

This guided, science-based, and fun journal is designed to help your child develop a growth mindset so they can overcome any challenge!

This journal will help your child:

Boost their perseverance (so they don't give up easily).

Build unshakeable confidence.

Develop a growth mindset.

Become more independent and motivated.

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Big Life Journal for Ages 11+

Plus FREE Conversation Cards

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This beautifully designed, science-based journal helps tweens and teens develop a resilient, growth mindset so they can grow into confident, happy adults.

This journal will help your child:

Discover the power of their brain and mindset

Understand they are in charge of their own lives and happiness

Turn their negative self-talk into positive and empowering

Practice setting goals

Learn to overcome challenges and setbacks 

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Big Life Journal for Adults

Plus FREE Conversation Cards

313 reviews

This motivational, science-based journal is packed with short, practical lessons and easy, thoughtful writing prompts that will help you transform your mindset.

This journal will help you:

Break free from negative thought patterns.

Follow through with your goals.

Overcome the feelings of regret and hopelessness.

Become motivated to pursue your dreams.

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Family-Bonding Conversation Starters

Our popular cards feature 52 interesting questions and colorful artwork on the backside that forms a captivating sea life puzzle!

Become closer as a family.

Spark meaningful conversations.

Create deeper connections with children.

Gain insights into each other’s worlds.

Use them during a bedtime routine, around the dinner table, on car rides, on planes, at family gatherings, and sleepovers.

Big Life Journal resources are trusted by millions of parents and teachers worldwide!