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Give your child the gift of confidence and mental strength with this science-based journal.

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Ages 6-11

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Kids have big emotions and need a healthy outlet. Thousands are already using Big Life Journal.

Science-based approach

Big Life Journal – Daily Edition uses proven scientific principles to help your child grow into a confident, happy, fulfilled adult.

For emotional health

Kids often experience emotions that can be overwhelming. Big Life Journal – Daily Edition lets them process those emotions in a healthy way.

Fun and engaging

With over 100 pages of colorful illustrations, writing prompts, and inspirational stories, your child will develop mental strength while staying entertained.

“Every child is going to savor this amazing journal that helps them unleash their inner world and express their feelings in a creative way!”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Clinical psychologist and best-selling author

Your child will gain the benefits of:

• Building healthy daily habits

• Making time to process emotions

• Developing a growth mindset

• Enjoying time away from screens

• Learning the value of routines

• Understanding the power of gratitude

• Showing kindness to themselves and others

Give the perfect gift this holiday season

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Help your child adapt to a new way of life and learning

We bought this for our daughter as a back to school gift. It's her favorite part of her routine. When things happen throughout her day she will say, ‘This is DEFINITELY going in the journal.’ It’s helped with her writing, comprehension, problem solving, and emotional regulation. I just don't have enough good things to say about this journal!

Cat M.

A parent

This year has presented kids with a whole new set of challenges to overcome. Help them develop resilience and confidence daily by using science-based techniques.

Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset:
Which does your child have?

This is hard,
I’m just not
good at this.

A child with a fixed mindset:

• Is afraid of making mistakes

• Doesn’t like to try new things

• Gets frustrated and gives up

This is hard, but
I can get it if I
keep practicing!

A child with a growth mindset:

• Is excited to take on new challenges

• Loves learning new things

• Values improvement over perfection

Big Life Journal - Daily Edition helps your child gain the benefits of a growth mindset

Give the perfect holiday gift

What your child believes about themselves will play such an important role in their life

Science shows that teaching kids a growth mindset early on helps them learn how to tackle the challenges they will face as they grow. Big Life Journal – Daily Edition helps your child learn these skills in a fun way that sinks in.

Help your child grow

“Want your kids to build insight, empathy, gratitude, and a growth mindset? This journal is your answer. It’s fun for kids, but more than that, it can foster a positive mindset to give them the power to change their brains, minds, and lives. It’s my new go-to present for kids!

Dr. Tina Bryson

Bestselling co-author of The Whole-Brain Child

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Our 2021 Growth Mindset Calendar will inspire your child all year long!

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