A science-based daily journal
that helps children grow resilient, confident, and emotionally healthy.

A 5-minute daily practice for children to express their feelings and develop a growth mindset.

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Every child is going to savor this amazing journal that helps them unleash their inner world and express their feelings in a creative way!

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

clinical psychologist and best-selling author

AGES 6-11

Give your child daily practice to focus on
encouraging, self-loving thoughts

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Give your child daily practice to focus on
encouraging, self-loving thoughts

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Want your kids to build insight, empathy, gratitude, and a growth mindset? This journal is your answer. It’s fun for kids, but more than that, it can foster a positive mindset to give them the power to change their brains, minds, and lives. It’s my new go-to present for kids!

Dr. Tina Bryson

 Bestselling co-author of  The Whole-Brain Child 

The new daily Big Life Journal is such an important tool for helping children process their day and train their brains for gratitude, self-love, and kindness. I love that it presents growth mindset lessons in such a fun and engaging format! Every child would greatly benefit from this new journal!

Suzanne Tucker

Founder of Generation Mindful

I don't know any better way to help kids build resilience, confidence, and courage than by writing and drawing for 10 minutes each night in this new Big Life Journal - Daily Edition!

Renee Jain

Founder of GoZen

I've been a longtime fan of Big Life Journal's thoughtfully designed products and am so happy that they have taken their hallmark feature of teaching kids the growth mindset in a fun sustainable way to a whole new level through this daily journal!

Sumitha Bhandarkar

Founder Of The Positive Parenting Conference

Does your child have a safe space to express their feelings?

Big emotions our children experience daily can be overwhelming and confusing to them. They need a safe space to evaluate their inner world and reflect on their joys and troubles.

Big Life Journal - Daily Edition provides this safe space for children to digest their day, find the good and not so good things, and reflect on things they can improve.

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Cute comics with lovable characters teach children important life lessons and encourage a growth mindset.

This daily practice trains your child's brain...

Thanks to a phenomenon called neuroplasticity, your child's brain is constantly changing and reshaping based on their experiences. 

The daily activities inside the Big Life Journal - Daily Edition help your child focus on encouraging, self-loving thoughts and wire their brain for growth mindset, resilience, confidence, gratitude, kindness, and self-love. 

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Here's What Science Says...

The Big Life Journal - Daily Edition features activities based on the latest research on growth mindset, brain plasticity, positive psychology, and child development.


Dr. Carol Dweck's research has proven children who develop a growth mindset are more equipped to face challenges. They embrace failures, are eager to try new things, and keep trying until they succeed.


Science shows children who express their emotions in a healthy and positive way are more resilient. Resilient children are braver, more curious, and more adaptable.


Children who show gratitude are happier, less impulsive, and have better relationships with others. Research shows daily gratitude practice can have a profound impact on your child’s physical and emotional health.


Teaching children to love themselves helps build their self-esteem and creates the foundation for lifelong success and happiness.



Children who learn to be kind are happier and more successful. Teaching children kindness also reduces bullying, helps them improve friendships, and increases their well-being.

Beautiful, high-quality journal that
sparks immediate joy when opened

Your child will be thrilled to find these colorful, inspiring stickers at the end of the journal!

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This Daily Edition is brought to you by the creators of the Big Life Journal, which has sold over 150,000 copies worldwide since 2019!

This daily practice trains your child's brain...

Beautiful, high-quality journal that
sparks immediate joy when opened

Your child will be thrilled to find these colorful, inspiring stickers at the end of the journal!

Bright, sturdy hardcover

Lays flat

Space for drawing & writing

112 high quality pages stand up to markers

Sewn-in satin ribbon bookmark

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