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"These kits have transformed our lives in a beautiful way. Our time spent is now a joint effort. We have become a united team."

Two unique kits: Effective and engaging activities and templates tailored for different ages.

Gratitude pages for fostering a positive and thankful attitude.

Make goal-setting part of your family tradition!

Make hot cocoas, turn on the fireplace, and get cozy while
reflecting on 2023 and planning your 2024 together!

Did you know that

92 percent of people never

achieve their goals?

The great news is you can turn this statistic around for your children by teaching them how to do it.

And as your children set and accomplish their goals they will become more confident, self-driven, and happy.

Grab one of our popular 2024 Goal-Setting Kits and start practicing setting goals with your children today!

The kit is digital. It will be emailed to you.

My daughter and I did this together, and it was such a fun and powerful way to lead into the new year.

Liz L., Australia

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The kids and I have loved working through these printables. Not only are they fun, but they put the whole family on the same page in our way of thinking.

Heliza P., USA

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This kit is great for the
whole family!

Ages 4-10

This kit is great for tweens, teens, and adults

Ages 11+

Free Holiday Bonus!

Brighten up your classroom or home with these inspiring Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset posters (PDF) that show the importance of trying hard and loving to learn.

The kit is digital. It will be emailed to you.

What about you?

Make YOUR 2024 the best year yet with our popular goal-setting kit for ages 18-99.

This 50-page kit can bring more purpose to your life, even if you find it challenging to stick to your goals.

With this kit you will learn how to:

Set the goals that are right for YOU

Find out what you really want out of life

Discover the goal planning method that suits you best

My 2024 Growth Mindset Journey

2024 family goals pages for the sense of purpose and unity in your family.

Goal-setting pages and templates for developing important life skills.

and much more!

Habits trackers for less screen time and greater well-being.

Fun 2024 goal pages for greater motivation and personal accountability.

Reflection Pages for fostering self-awareness and personal growth.

2024 My Year of Growth and Unexpected Adventures

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Sharon G.

Set your child up for success in 2024!

Our Goal-Setting Kits are proven to:

This kit is great for the entire family!

and much more!

New Year Conversation Cards for memorable and bonding discussions.

Personal growth pages for fostering confidence and a growth mindset.

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Ages 4-10

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Boost internal motivation and confidence.

Equip children with skills and attitudes they'll need for independence.

Help children set targets for their studies and perform better in school.

Promote an attitude of kindness and gratitude.

Significantly strengthen family bonds.

Teach the Essential Life Skill of

with 2024 New Year Kits

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Goal Setting Kit for Kids 

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