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Set your child up for success
in 2022 with these printable kits!

Two different kits designed for different ages full of engaging activities and colorful templates.

2021 gratitude and reflection pages

2022 goal-setting templates and examples

Family goals templates

Screen-free trackers

Habit trackers

Savings tracker

Coloring pages

Inspirational quotes

New Year conversation cards

Kindness tracker and kindness rocks activity

Make goal-setting part of your family tradition

Make hot cocoas, turn on the fireplace, and get cozy while
reflecting on 2021 and planning your 2022 together!

Did you know that

92 percent of people never

achieve their goals?

Perhaps, most of them have actually never learned the how-tos of goal-setting.

The great news is you can turn this statistic around for your children by teaching them how to do it.

And as your children set and accomplish their goals they will become more confident, self-driven, and happy.

Grab one of our popular 2022 Goal-Setting Kits and start practicing setting goals with your children today!

The kit is digital. It will be emailed to you.

Two versions available: for ages 4-10 and 11+

The kit is digital. It will be emailed to you.

The kit is digital. It will be emailed to you.

Help your child practice calming skills with this exclusive collection of creative and interactive social-emotional tools.


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