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Help your child grow confident and emotionally healthy with this science-based journal.

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As parents, we can make a huge impact on how much our kids believe in themselves and how they approach challenges.

This holiday season gift your child Big Life Journal to help them grow their confidence and growth mindset.

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Help Your Child Develop Their Unlimited Potential

The only journal of its kind that helps your child:

Develop a growth mindset
and positive outlook

Build their self-esteem and resilience

Unlock their inner strength and
problem-solving abilities

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What’s the science behind it?

Big Life Journal is based on the growth mindset model and the latest positive psychology research.

Growth Mindset

Dr. Dweck developed a research-based model which demonstrated that those who have a growth mindset (believe their abilities are malleable) are more likely to succeed.

Confidence and Positive Self-talk

From a neuroscience perspective, positive self-talk helps us remodel our brains to have a more positive outlook on ourselves and the world.


Studies show doing acts of kindness increases happiness and lifespan and decreases anxiety and stress.


Extensive research shows gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.


Research shows self-awareness is a key element of emotional intelligence and great leadership.

Without lecture, without coaxing, kids want to use this journal because it makes the science of growth mindset and resilience fun!

I wish I could wave a wand and give every kid a Big Life Journal. Wonderful, beautiful work.

Renee Jain

The founder of GoZen

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A different activity on every page, so your child never gets bored!

Big Life Journal is full of real-life stories, handlettered quotes, and engaging writing and drawing activities.

Help your child grow their confidence and emotional intelligence

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A Special Holiday Gift

Get the 2022 Growth Mindset Calendar by Big Life Journal as a
Free Gift With Every Purchase.

Help your child grow confidence and emotional intelligence


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