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A Science-Based Journal to Build Your Child's Confidence and Develop a Growth Mindset

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Gift Your Child Self-Love and the Confidence They Need to Succeed 

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Science-based approach

Big Life Journal uses proven scientific principles to help your child grow into a confident, happy, fulfilled adult.

For unshakeable confidence

With this journal, your child will learn to be confident in who they are, develop a positive self-talk, and will be able to overcome any challenge.

Fun and engaging

With over 160 pages of colorful illustrations, writing prompts, and inspirational stories, your child will develop a growth mindset while staying entertained.

Parents report that Big Life Journal helps children

Help your child become confident in who they are.

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Help your child practice calming skills with this exclusive collection of creative and interactive social-emotional tools.

Ages 7-10

This journal is designed for ages 7-10. For other age groups, go HERE.

Find the courage to try new things and embrace new challenges

Learn to accept themselves and that they are perfect just the way they are

Be able to push through when things are challenging

Overcome negative thinking and maintain a positive outlook on life's challenges.

Learn that mistakes help them grow

This journal is designed for ages 7-10. For other age groups, go HERE.

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