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A Fun 5-Minute Daily Practice for Your Child's Healthy Mind

This holiday season, give your child the gift of confidence, resilience, and happiness with this science-based journal.

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“My nine-year-old granddaughter loved this book I got her for Christmas. Her attitude towards difficult situations has improved immensely.

Ardell G.

A grandparent

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All children experience negative self-talk. 

Science-based approach

Big Life Journal uses proven scientific principles to help your child grow into a confident, happy, fulfilled adult.

For healthy, positive minds

Kids often experience negative thoughts and self-doubt. This journal is designed for them to see all the wonderful things about themselves.

Fun and engaging

With over 170 pages of colorful illustrations, writing prompts, and inspirational stories, your child will learn while staying entertained.

"Without lecture, without coaxing, kids want to use this journal because it makes the science of growth mindset and resilience fun! I wish I could wave a wand and give every kid a Big Life Journal. Wonderful, beautiful work."

Renee Jain

Founder of GoZen

Your child will gain the benefits of:

Developing a healthy, positive mind

Learning the importance of practice and persistence

Building unshakeable confidence

Developing a valuable growth mindset 

Understanding the power of gratitude

Showing kindness to themselves and others

Benefiting from the time away from screens

Help your child become confident in who they are.

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Help your child adapt to a new way of life and learning

Past years have presented kids with a whole new set of challenges to overcome. Help them develop resilience and confidence by using science-based techniques.

“The other day my son said to me he is gonna give 100% no matter what, and that makes me feel proud. Thank you to Big Life Journal for the change in his attitude. The journal is the best gift.

Shivi C.

Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset:
Which does your child have?

This is hard,
I’m just not
good at this.

Is afraid of making mistakes

Doesn’t like to try new things

Gets frustrated and gives up

This is hard, but
I can get it if I
keep practicing!

A child with a growth mindset:

Is excited to take on new challenges

Loves learning new things

Values improvement over perfection

Big Life Journal helps your child gain the benefits of a growth mindset.

Give your child growth mindset

What your child believes about themselves will play such an important role in their life

Science shows that teaching kids a growth mindset early on helps them learn how to tackle the challenges they will face as they grow. Big Life Journal helps your child learn these skills in a fun way that sinks in.

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“It is a very well thought-out book that not only teaches growth mindset to kids, but it does so in a fun, engaging way. I can't recommend it enough!

Sumitha Bhandarkar

Founder of The Positive Parenting Conference

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Ages 7-10

A child with a fixed mindset:

Big Life Journal is an award-winning tool that can help your child believe in themselves.