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Transform Your Child's Negative Self-Talk Into Self-Love

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“I’m not good at this.”

“No one loves me.”

“I can't do anything right.”

Isn't it heartbreaking to hear your child say these things? And you don't know how to respond to make it better. Every child experiences negative self-talk. But you can prevent it from turning into automatic, hard-wired thinking.

“How to Transform Your Child’s Negative Self-Talk” is a 10-day interactive masterclass where you'll learn why your child has negative self-talk and effective practices to help them turn it into self-kindness.

This is SO much more than teaching positive affirmations!

Top experts in parenting and psychology will guide you in raising a more self-loving and confident child.

In this masterclass, you will learn:

How to respond when you hear your child’s negative self-talk (specific talking points)

How to avoid common shaming phrases that damage your child’s self-esteem

4-step formula for responding to your child when they misbehave

What you can do to help your child open up to you about their negative thoughts

Critical long-term strategies for growing your child’s confidence

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Your Agenda for This Life-Changing Masterclass

Unit 1

Discovering your child’s inner critic and analyzing your own reactions

Sources for your child's negative self-talk 

Guest Parenting Expert: Sidu Arroyo-Boulter, LPC

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Easy-to-digest expert talks and parenting strategies you can watch at your convenience

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Top experts in parenting and psychology will guide you in raising a more self-loving and confident child.

This interactive masterclass will take place on August 12-22nd in our private Facebook Group.

Licensed Professional Counselor

You will get lifetime access to all the materials you can go through at your own pace.

"My Inner Critic Creature" activity to help your child separate themselves from their self-talk

How your own upbringing impacts how your react to your child's negative statements

Responding to your child’s negative self-talk: in-the-moment strategies

Unit 2

How you as a parent can boost your child's confidence when they're being hard on themselves.

Scripts on what to say when your child says something negative about themselves.

Ways you can guide your child to take action when they feel stuck and powerless.

Guest Parenting Expert: Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart

Pediatric Psychologist and Parent Coach

Unit 3

Changing the way you talk in difficult situations and avoiding damaging expectations

Specific phrases to avoid saying to your child t

4-step formula on how to respond when your child misbehaves

How we unintentionally shame our children and set damaging expectations

Guest Parenting Expert: Maggie Nick, MSW, RCSWI

Therapist, Parenting Expert and Founder of Parenting With Perspectacles

Unit 4

How to build a foundation of openness, acceptance, and trust in your relationship with your child

Effective and fun exercises to help build your child's confidence

Guest Parenting Expert: Rachel Samson, M. Psych

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Clinical Psychologist

Rachel Samson, M. Psych

Guest Parenting Expert:

Guest Parenting Expert:

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart

Guest Parenting Expert:

Maggie Nick, MSW, RCSWI

Guest Parenting Expert:

Sidu Arroyo-Boulter, LPC

Strategies to help you maintain open and honest communication with your child

Set Your Child Up for a Lifetime of Self-Love and Confidence

Set Your Child Up for a Lifetime of Self-Love and Confidence

Building your chid’s confidence and cultivating trusted relationship: out-of-the-moment strategies

Watch a Sample Lesson from the Masterclass