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Raise a Confident Child Ready to Overcome Any Life Obstacle

A 65-page parenting guide to help you raise a child who isn't afraid to fail, believes in themselves, and can do hard things!

You'll Learn How To:

Transform your child's “I can’t” attitude into "I'll keep going until I can!"

Teach your child to persist when it gets difficult.

Help them push through the fear of failure and rejection.

Raise a Child Who Can Do Hard Things!

A Growth Mindset Helps Your Child Overcome Life's Challenges

There are two types of mindset: FIXED and GROWTH.

A child with a FIXED MINDSET thinks their intelligence, creativity, and physical ability,   are fixed and can’t be changed. They avoid challenges, give up easily, and are terrified of failures.

A child with a GROWTH MINDSET thinks they are capable of growing and changing. They embrace lifelong learning which helps them become more successful and happy in life. They can easily bounce back from failures and setbacks.

“My son has been quick to anger and quick to quit for this past year. Two weeks ago, we tried a renewed growth mindset attitude towards life. And in two weeks, he overcame a huge fear and learned a new skill. He has gained the confidence to talk about his fears, and dreams, and abilities."

 A Parent

Have you spent decades trying to unlearn your own fixed mindset? Only to realize, it’s a lot harder than you thought.

You want to give your children a better start in life. But you just don’t know where to start.

Our research-based eBook is a step-by-step guide that shows you EXACTLY how to model and teach your child a growth mindset so they can live the life they truly love.

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What The Experts Think...

"Highly recommend, no matter the age of your kids - all the concepts are delivered in a way that any parent can modify to use no matter their family dynamic."

Casey O'Roarty, M.Ed

Certified Positive Discipline Trainer

"This book provides the perfect blend of information, examples, step-by-step advice, and encouragement to help teach children how to reframe and meet everyday challenges. It's now one of the top resources used in my own professional work with children and families."

Dr. Jazmine McCoy

Clinical Psychologist and Author

FREE Companion Parent Workbook With Your Purchase

Our companion workbook is filled with journal prompts to go along with every chapter. It's designed to make it easier to implement the strategies in your everyday life!

But what if...

In this printable book, you’ll...

Find simple ways to integrate a growth mindset into your child's everyday life.

Learn to handle difficult situations from real-life examples.

Learn practical tips with our “try-at-home” strategies. 

Get scripts so you’ll know exactly what to say.


There are two types of mindset:

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