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This is more than just a journal.

Here are just a few of the topics your tween or teen will discover...

How to recognize their negative self-talk and turn it into positivity and empowerment — pages 8-13.

How to discover their true interests — pages 36-65.

How to develop a skill of breaking down big goals into manageable steps — pages 102-108.

How to be conscious of the time they spend doing something (and avoid time vacuums like social media) — pages 118-119.

How to set goals that matter to them — pages 68-91.

The real reason it's important to NOT give up on something they started — pages 130-131.

How to stop procrastinating — pages 136-137.

How to recognize and manage overwhelm — pages 132-135.

How to learn from mistakes and try again — pages 148-149.

Why they should stop comparing themselves to others — pages 152-153.

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What's The Science Behind It?

Big Life Journal incorporates the latest research in positive psychology, brain science, and youth development.

Every page of the Big Life Journal was meticulously crafted to support your child’s mental and emotional well-being!

Once your child begins using the Big Life Journal, you won’t believe the changes you see happening right in front of your eyes

They will begin accepting and loving themselves

They will realize how THEY think about themselves is the
most important thing to pay attention to. They will begin
choosing empowering, loving thoughts.

They will take ownership of their lives

They will understand they are in charge of their lives and happiness and can dream up anything they want to do and go get it.

They will gain confidence to
withstand peer pressure

They will stop comparing themselves to others and seeking validation from their peers. Instead, they will begin trying new things even if they seem to be uncool to their friends.

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Get The Journal Your Tween or Teen
Will Actually Want To Use

This is more than just a journal.

My grandson uses the Journal without being nagged which is a huge step! It seems to really help him. 

- Denise F. 

Ages 11+

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